My name is Draginja Pantelić from Novi Sad, I’m 38 years old and most of my life I’ve spent believing in a lie that the effect of drugs and alcohol bring peace. I spent 10 years as a heroin and 1 year as an alcohol addict. I grew up with my mother and brother because my parents had a divorce when I was very young. Father was an alcoholic and violent towards our mother. Mom tried to give my brother and I a good upbringing. I was a great student but due to a dysfunctional family during my teenage years i became quite unsure, unhappy and a rebellious person. In high school I started experimenting with various substances as a way to tune out and suppress emotions. After awhile heroin became my main target. When I took it my pain, shame and bad image would disappear and i started doing various things to get drugs. I started to lose a child, health, family, land, I went through life without a goal, without a hope for a better future, desperate and discouraged. But I want to say that there is hope and a way out. In June 2018 Boris Štrbac and his team (Kristina Kostić and Tijana Railić) maximally helped me. They found a nice and safe place – christian rehabilitation center “Teen Challenge Romania” and there I was warmly welcomed and accepted. They testified that only Gods love and His acceptance has the strength to free me from my addiction and today I believe in that fact. God gave me hope in life, happiness and a smile! I finished the T.C program in May 2019 and currently I am in the resocialization program. I am employed, remedying relations with my 11 year old son, have a new life, new friends, new healthy dreams and goals, I’ve recovered health wise and I am a happy person. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. ” John 3:16