Association Restart was founded in the year of 2011 as an organisation with the mission of helping addicts find a way and a place for their recovery and healing, Our mission is saving human lives. We offer help and support towards recovery from addiction and partaking in criminal activities. Association Restart offers help to past, recovered and rehabilitated addicts towards re-entering the society.


Restart is a place of hope, where someone who has a problem with drugs or crime through acceptance, understanding, support, direction and orientation goes through the process of recovery and starts a new life style. Through our act we desire to bring closer a way of escape from addiction and offer a solution for total recovery from sickness of addiction and drug abuse. With our act we send a message to the broader public that “once an addict – always an addict” IS NOT TRUE

Motivational program

Motivational program

Through individual and group motivational programs we prepare addicts for rehabilitation and therapeutic programs of recovery. Programs are done through meetings which as a goal have encouraging and uplifting enthusiasm towards rehabilitation and recovery from harmful effects of drug abuse and abuse of other psychoactive substances. We preform referrals for medicinal detoxification and partake in choosing therapeutic institutions for rehabilitation and recovery.



As part of the resocialization program – Restart Club of Support we offer support to our customers who have finished the therapeutic program of rehabilitation. Program of support includes psycho-social help, regulation of legal, health and social status and start or continuation of education and employment.



Program for prevention of the sickness and addiction includes education of elementary and high school students about the harmful effects of drug abuse. We also educate parents and other family members. Through organisation of public gatherings, open tribunes, seminars, festivals and other manifestations we promote healthy styles of life and we influence juniors in a preventive manner.
Post penal acceptance

Post penal acceptance

Post-penalty support is offered to people after finishing the legal punishment. Support is based on reintegration in healthy and useful avenues of life. Support is offered to juveniles who have been through educational correctional facilities. Post-penalty support implies help towards realization of legal, health and social status. We assist in regulating necessary documents, regulating a place of residence and creating a employment relationships in the local community..

Restart social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is a business with the idea that with investing money made through sales and services fulfills a clear societal mission. Earned capital is invested and serve in the goal of employing people that have a hard time finding a job and help their resocialization and reintegration. Social entrepreneurship deals with recognizing and solving societal problems such as marginalization, isolation and unemployment of groups that include past addicts or past convicts.

Moving and transportation

Service of moving and transportation with or without workers, transport of furniture, appliances and other goods. Safe and affordable.

Cleaning  space

Machine cleaning and upkeep of residential, business and industrial spaces. Keeping of hygiene.

Cleaning of furniture

With professional machines for deep cleaning we preform service of cleaning and washing household and office furniture, carpets and interiors of vehicles with quality chemical and disinfection tools.

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