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What is a decision? How to reach it?

As part of cooperation between Opens2019 and Association Restart, open tribune was held with students and others that are interested in the topic of What is and how to reach the decision for rehabilitation and recovery from the...

Support of adolescents for integration into the society

Training lecture for post-penalty acceptance as part of realization of project for support of adolescents to integrate into the society and the market of work after enduring educational corrective measures in VPD...
Dec 24, 2019

Prevention of sickness of addiction – Kosovska Mitrovica

  As part of activities of Association Restart, one of primary goals in the fight against the sickness of addiction from drugs and other psycho-active substances is prevention and education of students of elementary and...
Nov 7, 2019

Say NO to drugs

  Unfortunately contact of adolsectents with drugs is inevitable. For that reason we are trying to motivate them to make the decision in advance and to build an attitude with the help of these educational and preventive...

Program of post-penalty support in Serbia

In organisation of mission OEPS in Serbia  seminar was held on the topic of creating a program of post-peonalty support for organisations of civil society on the territory of...
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